El Topo

When you think of burrito the first things that spring to mind is Mexico ! So when I heard about El Topo pitching up in Leeds City centre, I thought that I would have to see what they had to offer.

El Topo, markets itself as a producer of San Francisco style burritos. These burritos, unlike their southern sisters, are filled to the rim with ingredients and guaranteed to fill you up.

There are a range of burritos from slow cooked beef to meat free options, I ordered the Chicken and Chorizo burrito.

The tortilla wrap was first steamed before being filled with fresh salsa, seasoned rice, cheese and some black beans. These were then topped off with sour cream, jalapeños and some tabasco sauce.



This monster burrito was then wrapped and lightly toasted on all sides so that it would hold its shape. As I bit into the burrito it was clear to see that the toasting throughout the process had ensured you did not get any burrito leakage. Overall the burrito was very filling and the flavours worked together, but next time I am definitely going to ask for extra jalapeños.


El Topo

Twitter: @EltopoUK

Website: http://www.el-topo.co.uk/

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