Spinning DJ Cake

DJ cake


It’s not everyday that your big Brother turns 30 so, to mark the occasion I wanted to make him a cake that would be a showstopper.

My brother is a bit of a DJ superstar in his spare time and he’s not half bad. Anyone living in Birmingham would only need to go to the Bull’s head where Phil ‘Flash’ Liburd can be heard spinning the ones and twos most weekends.

The basic plan for the cake was to have a rectangular base covered in black fondant. Four small dowels would then be added to the area on which the record would sit.

The record would be created by covering a 5’’ circular cake in fondant and placing it on a circular cake board of the same size. Simples!

When I showed my other half my plan all he could say was ‘it’s nice but how are you going to get it to spin?’ A very unhelpful comment, or so you would think.

My other half’s Dad is a ‘super inventor’ so when I explained to him that I needed a motor that would make the record element of the cake turn he was not phased at all. So much so, not only did he create the motor and platform for the cake but added in some flashing lights.

For the motor to fit within the cake I hollowed out an area and placed a square of polystyrene before I iced the cake base. The letters and other details were painted silver by using edible paint.

I was not completely happy with how the record turned out as I found it hard to get consistent lines for the groves. The cake survived its journey down to Brum and by the look on my brother’s face he was happy (and surprised) with the end result.

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