Diamond Head and the south east coast

When staying on Oahu there are many places that you ought to go to see the beautiful landscape of the island at its best, one such place is Diamond Head.

If I can give you one tip on attempting this climb- it’s not really ‘a climb’ as such but it sure feels like one; It would be to go early so as not to be caught in the midday sun.

Other tips may seem obvious, but I’m going to put them down just in case:

Don’t attempt to go to Diamond head:

  • In Flip Flops/sandals- you need walking boots are at least good trainers
  • Without water- Stay hydrated, it’s a long way down
  • Without a charged camera (with correct lenses)
  • Some cash- as it costs one dollar to get in.
  • Some sunscreen
  • IMG_6164

    It will take you on average 90 minutes to get up to the top and back down again.  Also, bear in mind that when you actually get to Diamond Head National Park (around 15 minutes on the bus from Waikiki Beach), there’s a steep hill and a tunnel to navigate.

    But the view……

    view from dis head

    After we finished at Diamond Head we treated ourselves to Sushi at Kuru Kuru Sushi, we opted for the Tsunami rolls, as I liked the idea of the rice puffs.


    We headed further East on the bus (Number 22 going to the Hawaii Sea Life Center), towards Koko Head. We had intended to hike to the top however the Other Half was knackered from Diamond Head and it didn’t seem fair to make him climb the 1100 odd steps.

    Below however is the view from the Helicopter, which kind of made up for it.

    koko tower

    On the way round we saw the Hālona Blowhole. On windy days the rock formation shoots sea spray high into the air like the blow hole on a Whale (thus the name).


    After this, our last stop was Makapuʻu Point and the lighthouse which is at the extreme eastern end of Oahu. You can do a trail to the light house (around 1.75 miles) however, due to building works at the moment this is only open on the weekends.


    From Makapu’u lookout you can see the Beach Park, sea cliffs where the light house is and in good weather the two islands out at sea. Rabbit island – which is also known as Mañana Island and Kaohikaipu Island. The shot from the air gives you a better view.


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