Crni Rizoto- Croatia

And it starts again…

We had so much fun doing the Olympic food challenge when Ewan Mitchell over at Tonight’s menu suggested that we should do a World Cup Food Challenge I jumped at the chance.

I am not the biggest football fan so at least participating in this keeps me in the loop. Anyway to find out more about this challenge follow the #wcfc2014 hashtag on Twitter or check out the page here:

I am pretty excited to have Group A!

So that means I get to cook dishes from Mexico (yes I know how exciting !!), Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon.

I decided to save the best for last (that, and I’m trying to create some new recipes) and start with Croatia.

For this Meal I decided to make Crni Rizoto, a Black Ink Risotto.

Croatia has a vast coast line and, during my research into dishes I found plenty of seafood ones.

This one however, caught my eye as not only did it contain Cuttlefish, something I have never used before but it also used squid ink.

Now, I have to admit, I’m not too sure that this dish turned out exactly as it was suppose to.

Starting with the preparation of the Cuttlefish. I felt that it was quite literally looking at me with its massive black eyes as I put it on the chopping board. Looking back at it, I felt we were both thinking the same thing…

Why didn’t you take up Hayes Seafood offer of prepping me?


I really struggled to find any information on how to prepare cuttlefish online.

Each You Tube video seemed to taunt me on that fact that my fish was not prepped.

With the information I found I kind of clumsly worked it out.

I have to admit that, after scooping out the guts of the Cuttlefish, I was a little put off eating this dish.

I did not get nearly enough ink from the squid and cuttlefish.

I would suggest if you do decide to do this dish to opt for the concentrate paste you can pick up at most fishmongers.

Although this dish is a risotto you don’t have to stand over it adding water bit by bit. You just leave it on a moderate heat and check on it from time to time. I really loved the texture and taste of Cuttlefish, I would describe it as a meaty version of squid.

I would like to do this dish again however, I don’t think the Other Half would be so up for it.


Recipe I used can be found here:

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