Really Nice Food shop

I am little addicted to kitchen gadgets, so I thought that having an amazon page on my site with a selection of my favourite products would be a good idea.

I hope to extend this in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled

Cook books I own (and love) I get such inspiration flicking though the pages. Check them out here:

An Aeropress is a must for the office, I make sure I start my day with the proper cup of coffee every morning. I used to have a mini cafetiere until my husband decided to get me one of these for Christmas, I have to say at first I was a little reluctant to use it but now I could not live without it.

A hand whisk is a must in my kitchen, perfect for making Hummus, blending sauces (like chimichurri).

I think that having a good coffee machine makes perfect sense, for any coffee lover. When the kitchen smells of coffee you know that the weekend has really begun.

I love this espresso machine as you can control the way in which you steam the milk, all you need are some nice coffee beans.