Chimichurri leg of lamb- Brazil

I am very glad that Brazil has done so well in Group A.

Hosting the World cup and not featuring in the next round would be like organising a party but spending the night in the loo with a dodgy kebab.

I have high hopes for Brazil and Mexico (my two remaining countries). There will be posts for each of the matches this weekend and as I type am prepping another Brazilian delight for the match in the week.

Anyway, I digress…

I am partial to a Sunday roast but on a hot day it’s not very practical.

So on one of these days with the weather being unpredictable (as usual), the Other Half and I found ourselves with a defrosted leg of lamb and completely not in the mood for a roast.

My solution was to combine (or shoe horn and hope for the best) our Brazilian World Cup dish into a summer spectacular of a dish that even Pele wouldn’t turn down (one and only football reference).

The result was Chimichurri lamb which was served with roasted sweet potato and salad.

Chimichurri is typically served with grilled beef steak but we both agreed that lamb worked just as well with the sauce.