Really nice food goes to Cattle Grid

In January everyone feels it, whether it’s the inches on the waist line or the lack of money in your pocket, that’s why I was curious to pop into the Cattle grid last week Sunday to sample their roast for £6.95 (I know, I did just go on the website to check that price again).

The restaurant is situated right next to the Corn Exchange in what used to be Cafe Rouge many moons ago. The one thing that strikes you about the space is that they have really made use of the natural light that is available. I also really loved the use of wood in contrast with the blue.

Looking at the menu there were several other dishes that took my fancy, but we were here to sample the roast. We both opted for the beef (I would have gone for the pork, but there wasn’t any crackling) .

I was expecting something nice but not this nice.

There was a sizeable portion of beef nicely done, the vegetables were just right, not boiled within at inch of its life but just enough to have a bite to them, roast potations and even a Yorkshire pud. This was all topped off with gravy on the side (Love gravy on the side, no one ever puts enough in the right places for me). The only thing that was missing was the horseradish sauce, no problem, asked for some and a pot was on out table in minutes.

For the quality and price we paid we will definitely be popping back to the cattle grid on a Sunday if we have a loose end and are in town. Let’s face it, if you went to a certain Carvery chain you would spend the best part of a tenner for some grey meat and very sorry looking veg.

What really gets me excited is that if we could get this for £6.95, what pleasures will be in store for us when we are let loose on the whole menu.

Payday is only two weeks away so watch this space 🙂

Cattle Grid

Waterloo House,
Assembly Street,

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