Restaurant reviews

The Atlas pub

The Financial area in Leeds seems to be having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, with several new eateries that have opened over the last few months.

One of these is the Atlas pub, where my friend and I went last week. Atlas is a pub come restaurant and is situated on King Street corner, just down from St. Paul Square.

Atlas is the third venture from the owners of Épernay Leeds and the Pour House.

As we entered Atlas the first thing I noticed was the large range of whiskies that took over the back shelves of the pub (Currently there are over 86 but they are hoping to get this up to around 150 soon).


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Vegetarian dining at Prashad

I have been wanting to go to Prashad since I first heard about the restaurant on Gordon Ramsay’s The ‘f’ Word (Can you believe that was nearly four years ago ??).

Prashad has gone from strength to strength, specialising in creating a 100 per cent vegetarian indian feast for all of their customers who, keep coming back for more.

Gordon Ramsay "F" word

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Twisted Burger- Leeds

Who doesn’t love a good burger ?

With so many places open in Leeds and the likes of Meat Liquor and Byron coming soon it makes me wonder why people still end up going to Burger King and Maccy D’s?…

Now, I would not say that I am some sort of ‘Burger connoisseur’, my rule of thumb is pretty simple, good meat, good bread and a range of interesting toppings.

The Twisted Burger company has operated out of the Harley kitchen in Sheffield since January 2011. Their new residency at the Aire bar in Leeds will be its first outside of their home city.

Aire bar is situated on the river Aire (funnily enough…) so if you get in quick you can nab the tables outside and enjoy a couple of rays of sun with your tea.

twisted burger logo

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