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Bird and Beast- Leeds

exterior bird and beast

I love chicken, it is by far one of my favourite meats, the Other Half is and has been well aware of this for some time. On our first date, over ten years ago he took me to Nandos (at the time the restaurant was pretty new to Leeds).

Nowadays, we don’t go there that often, on account of the lack of information on the provenance and welfare of the chicken used.That and the fact there is a great selection of other places to eat in Leeds that do shout about the provenance of their food.

One such place is the newly opened Bird and Beast – where they have a strong focus on provenance and quality.

The restaurant is located in the Central Arcade opposite Mrs Atha’s and is impossible to miss on account of their white exterior walls and signature chicken feet.

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Teppan TwoSixty

Now I love a love a bit of quirky eating and my visit to Teppan Two Sixty was one of those experiences, in a good way.Seeing my gym is in that vicinity, it made sense to pop in and have a look at what was on offer. Situated on the corner of Millennium Place in Leeds city centre, Teppan TwoSixty opened its doors last month.

At Teppan TwoSixty diners cook their main courses in a Teppan dish which is warmed to 260 degrees(thus the name).

As my guest and I arrived we were seated right by the window, perfect for people watching. We were told to grab the iPad under the table as the menu is displayed on there.

menu on iPad

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Street Food at Trinity Kitchen in June

I’m still amazed at the additional choice the street food vendors bring to Trinity Kitchen every month. I went down to have a look at what was on the menu for June.

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