Restaurant reviews

Twisted Burger at Jake’s Bar

If there’s one thing we have a lot of in Leeds, it’s burger joints. There seems to be a new one popping up every minute! The Other Half and I went to one such establishment, last week after work.

When Twisted Burger had its residency at Aire Bar last year, there seemed to be an even split of people who loved it and those that felt there was better elsewhere.

I was eager to see what they had in store for their second residency in Leeds – at Jake’s bar.

If I’m honest I didn’t even know Jake’s Bar had a kitchen, let alone a menu. For me it’s somewhere I end up on a night out due to its location at the top of Call Lane. It’s easy for me to get a taxi home…

… ok, maybe I mean the last bus!

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Pinche Pinche

There are some places in Leeds that are just standard eateries for me, places that the Other Half and I have been going to for years. Pinche Pinche is one such place.

Pinche Pinche is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, not only for the consistently good food (and range of tequilas), but the fact that it reminds us both of Mexico.

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SkyLounge DoubleTree Leeds

Granary Wharf is sometimes overlooked as a place to go for drinks however, being a stone’s throw from the station, it is one of Leeds’ best kept secrets.

Oliver Parker- Up close magician wowing the crowds at the event

Oliver Parker- Up close magician wowing the crowds at the event

We first went to Double Tree because my brother and his girlfriend where staying at the hotel whilst visiting us in Leeds. It must have been good as they have stayed there on several occasions since.

Other Half and I love nothing more than popping up to the SkyLounge at the end of the night, not only is it one of the easiest places for us to get a taxi home from, the service is good and their range of spirits makes it the perfect place for a night cap.


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