Ten day reboot

Day eight- Ten day reboot

Got my juices sorted in the morning however, disaster struck. When I got to work I discovered the contents of my lunch swilling around at the bottom of my Jute bag.

I was not impressed, especially seeing that I spent £5 on a useless drinks container. Even with the lid down it leaked.

As luck would have it I went out for lunch to Cielo Blanco and  they sell fresh juices. I ended up having a Zinger (a mix of  pineapple, cucumber, ginger, lemon and celery) and Refuel (Kiwi, spinach, mint, apples, grapes and ginger).

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Day seven – Ten day reboot

This is our second day in Birmingham, to make sure I didn’t get caught out on the trip back to Leeds I made an extra bottle of juice.

This was a great success as when we arrived back home it was around 10pm and I was ready for bed. However, the Other Half had to sort out some dinner out for himself.

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Day six- Ten day reboot

Today took a lot of coordination as we were here, there and everywhere. We had a to do list as long as my arm and very little time to do it.

The massive fail on my part was forgetting my coconut water, to make matters worse we could not find anywhere that sold it. To be fair we were not looking that hard and did come across a couple but they were all laden with added sugar.

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