Olympic Food Challenge

Caipirinha (Brazil Vs Chile)

So seeing that Brazil got through to the second round of the World cup I thought that it would be a good idea to turn my attention to drinks.

After all you need something to drink whilst tucking into your Chimichurri Lamb?

In Cuba they have the Mojito, Jamaica the rum punch so, I was curious to find out about the essential drink cocktail of choice in Brazil.

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Chimichurri leg of lamb- Brazil

I am very glad that Brazil has done so well in Group A.

Hosting the World cup and not featuring in the next round would be like organising a party but spending the night in the loo with a dodgy kebab.

I have high hopes for Brazil and Mexico (my two remaining countries). There will be posts for each of the matches this weekend and as I type am prepping another Brazilian delight for the match in the week.

Anyway, I digress…

I am partial to a Sunday roast but on a hot day it’s not very practical.

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Crni Rizoto- Croatia

And it starts again…

We had so much fun doing the Olympic food challenge when Ewan Mitchell over at Tonight’s menu suggested that we should do a World Cup Food Challenge I jumped at the chance.

I am not the biggest football fan so at least participating in this keeps me in the loop. Anyway to find out more about this challenge follow the #wcfc2014 hashtag on Twitter or check out the page here: http://worldcupfoodchallenge2014.blogspot.co.uk

I am pretty excited to have Group A!

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