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Pastel with Meat and Cheese Filling (Pastelzinho de Carne com Queijo) Brazil vs Germany

The time has come for my final World Cup post, albeit a tad late.

I had high hopes for ‘Group A’ making all the way to the final, alas it was not meant to be.

I was going to do something sweet to end, however my recent trip to HAY (when they were at Trinity Kitchen) got me thinking about empanadas. That and the fact that I was down on the shared calendar to cook dinner!


If you have not heard about empanadas before, they are like a cross between a pie and a pastie.

In Brazil, they have a similar snack called Pastel or Pastelzinhos, a smaller variety. These small snacks are traditionally sold as a street food snack or in bars by the half dozen.

The pastry is really easy to make, was a bit odd putting tequila in the mix but it turned out fine.


Opting for the ‘healthier’ option we decided to bake ours, the filling was delicious, although I feel the whole dish would have been much better if I had of fried them.

I would make these again but maybe just use one of the pastry alternatives mentioned in the recipe I used, which is below.



Coxinhas (Brazil vs Colombia)

For my third Brazilian dish, I wanted to try something a bit different, the Other Half came across this recipe and thought that we should give it a go.

Coxinhas are a very popular street food snack in Brazil, they essentially look like a teardrop shaped scotch egg. The difference is that the filling is made of cheese* and chicken, this is then wrapped in a kind of choux pastry, dipped in egg and rolled in breadcrumbs before being deep fried.


The hardest part of making this dish was the pastry, which is made by mixing chicken stock and milk with flour. I was not sure if the texture was correct and took a lot of beating before it was smooth.

The end result was nice but, with all the frying involved its not something that I would consider making all that often.

*although the recipe did not call for it I added 150g Boursin

Recipe can be found here: http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/coxinha

coxinhas salsa

Churros (Mexico vs Netherlands)

Churros has to be, by far my, favourite Mexican street food snack of all time.

Although really simple to make, the amount of oil you have to use means it’s a dish I don’t do at home very often. However as I was making a Brazilian dish that called for deep frying I decided to make some of these as well.

If I do ever get the craving for Churros, our favourite restaurant Pinche Pinche is only around the corner and these are always on their menu.

Churros Pinche Pinche

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