Cookery Courses

Bun Making at Towngas Cooking Centre

Last year our friends invited us to go to Hong Kong with them. This has been a place  we have wanted to go to for years so jumped at the chance.

Victoria peak

Hong Kong is world renowned for its cuisine, you could practically spend all your time eating and you would not even begin to scratch the the surface of all the different foods available.

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Artisan Patisserie

If I was to say to you that I went to the School of Slow, I bet the first thing that springs to mind is that it had something to do with slow cooked meat or alike.

However, in this case  School of Slow is a bakery school run by The Handmade bakery and refers to the art of making yeast baked goods using a slow fermentation method – last year I went on their Artisan Patisserie course.

On the course we learnt how to make normal and almond croissants, Pain au raisin, Pain au chocolat and Danish pastries. We were also given a demonstration on how to make Finnish Pulla Buns.

I had made croissants before this course, but really wanted to get a better understanding of the process of laminating the dough (the process where you fold the pastry to build up the layers)  and also how not to make the butter ooze out the sides (I know, very technical term there).

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