Caribbean man café and Grill

Where in Leeds can you go from Morocco to the Caribbean in a matter of seconds? Leeds market !

There are several hidden eateries serving a vibrant mix of food from around the world. Situated next door to a row of butchers and opposite a store selling an array of colourful wigs you will find the Carribean man cafe and grill.

The stall used to be a butchers so has large windows that allow you to see straight through and see specials written on a chalk board on the side of the wall and a decorative sun clock on the opposite wall.From the outside, for would miss the fact that this is a food stall if it was not for the banner over the window.

A cartoon picture of a Carribean sunset complete with sloping palm trees and brown sand with the name of the stall in bright comic yellow writing, outlined in the Caribbean green and red.

The aroma of dumplings and curried goat, is so enticing just a whiff is all you need to get you in. Dean, the owner was tall, slim and greeted us as we entered. “I see you ladies have brought the sun” he stated in his warm Jamaican accent a massively infectious smile as we walked in. He offered us samples before we made our selections as he wanted us to make sure we made the right choice.

Behind the glass counter there were bubbling pots of curry, rice, BBQ chicken and lightly fried plantain. I am instantly transported to childhood and families get-togethers where all these Caribbean favourites would be readily available. I knew that we would be in for a treat.

Dean explained that he was not a fan of overly hot food instead he made sure that his dishes were packed full of spicy flavour without the heat. This piece of information pleased my other friend as she is not keen on that chili kick.

My friend wanted to order ackee and saltfish, a dish she ate in abundance on her holiday in Jamaica. Although this was not on the menu for today Dean went round the back to rustle her up a portion.

achee, saltfish and rice



Following his recommendation between the three of us we ordered the curried goat, oxtail and the ackee and saltfish.

Dean then ushered us to a few seats. Watching Dean at work you could tell that he had an eye for perfection. Whilst we sat, we saw him showing the ropes to his new helper and getting her to make sure each takeaway bag was complete with a set of plastic cutlery tightly wrapped with a napkin.

When preparing our meals he was meticulous to a fault. Perfect mountains of rice were positioned on the plate to which he added a generous portion of our selected curry to.

Oxtail and rice

The Oxtail fell off the bone and was smothered in a rich sauce that was seasoned to perfection. The Goat was mild and had a nice under flavour of turmeric and ginger. The salt fish was dotted with onion and pillows of soft ackee which has such as distinct flavour and texture; it really lends itself to the saltiness of the fish.

The Carribean man cafe and grill also serves Caribbean patties which, are made with spiced minced meat wrapped in a short pastry.

On Wednesdays it’s Caribbean tapas on the specials menu which all sounds very exciting, this is definitely somewhere I would go again, and by the sounds of it so will my friends.

Caribbean man café and Grill
Top of buther’s row, Leeds market



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