Meat free Mondays, everyone should try it once in a while.

Not being a vegetarian and appreciating that sometimes a bland mushroom risotto doesn’t cut it I am always eager to sample the meat free delights Leeds has to offer.

Bundobust has been on my list of places to try since it opened last July, This month they have added a selection of new dishes to their menu.

Bundobust is located on Mill Hill, a stone throw from to the train station, the wooden sign stands out from the other restaurants on this parade.


When you step into the restaurant, you will be surprised how narrow, yet spacious it is. The vibe is laid back and cool with its exposed brick, rice bag pillows and long benches. The menu lends itself to this very informal setting as all the dishes can easily be shared.

Bundobust new dishes

Along with my food I had a pint of Bundobust Coriander Pilsner, made in the traditional Czech style. I’m not that much of a beer drinker so this was the perfect accompaniment. You could easily pick out the floral notes from the roasted Coriander.

Coriander beer

The first dish I tried was the Kachumber Sambharo, a salad of bitter leaves with a lemon dressing. The toasted mustard seeds helped to add texture but, I wouldn’t have had this on its own. However, added to the Egg Bhurji, with the flatbreads rolled up into a mini wrap, this was perfect.

Egg Bhurji

The Dhal and rice had been a special on the menu several times and proved so popular with regulars it made it onto the new menu. The dish was a perfect combination of fluffy rice and perfectly seasoned lentils, I would had preferred a little more heat, but that is really personal taste.


Vada Pav had to be my favourite dish. The spiced potato pattie was so fluffy, encased in a brioche bun with a spicy relish and super hot chillies on the side, absolutely delicious.

Vada Pav

The Far Far, reminded me of pork scratchings, obviously a lot healthier,  they had that dry salty spice that lends itself to a refreshing light beer.

Far Far

As there was way too much food for one (this really is the place to go with a couple of friends). I took most of it home for the Other Half to sample. Even he, a harden meat eater was impressed.

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