Bun Making at Towngas Cooking Centre

Last year our friends invited us to go to Hong Kong with them. This has been a place  we have wanted to go to for years so jumped at the chance.

Victoria peak

Hong Kong is world renowned for its cuisine, you could practically spend all your time eating and you would not even begin to scratch the the surface of all the different foods available.

One thing we did in abundance was eat fresh bread. Every morning we would go to one of the local bakeries in Fortress Hill, and pick up a Bun with a cup of hot coffee.

The bread is made with an enriched dough which gives it more of a fluffy texture compared to the bread we have over in the UK.

Knowing how much I love all things cooking related my friends organised a trip to Towngas Cooking Centre to learn how to make Buns.

packed up

Towngas is situated right next to Time Square at Lee Theatre Plaza.

The kitchens were state of the art and each student had their own kitchen area with oven sink and work surface.

The stage at the front of the room was where each step of making the buns was demonstrated to us before we had go back to our work station and  do it ourselves.

The step by step demonstrations also gave us the opportunity to take notes and ask questions.


The dough was very wet and took a lot of kneading to help the gluten in the strong bread flour to develop into a smooth dough.

Once this was done we left the dough to prove in a warm oven and made the fillings.


The cocktail bun had a runny custard centre. In order to create this we made the filling and then froze it before encasing in the dough.

The Custard filling used grated salted egg yolks. This helped to intensify the egg flavour and gave the filling its distinct colour.

buns before baking

We also made some Mexican buns with blueberries, I did find the filling a bit too sweet on account of the custard crumb, (also known as a pineapple bun).

As you can see I did not do too badly!

Finished buns


When I made the buns back at home I left the dough to prove in the kitchen as opposed to the oven as the tutor said that this would allow the flavours to develop more.

Using the recipe for the bread dough I have also made baked Char Siu Bao as part of an Asian inspired menu that I will be blogging about soon.

Baked Char Siu Bao

Towngas Cooking Centre
Shop 9A, Lee Theatre Plaza,
99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong


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