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Macaroni Cheese

There are many dishes that suit the winter months perfectly and Macaroni Cheese is by far my favourite.

My love affair with Mac and Cheese started at a very young age. It was my job to make the macaroni cheese for Sunday dinner. Back then it was a very simple mix of cheddar and English mustard and if I remembered spring onions. The result was more of a pasta pie, perfect with warm gravy and chicken.

Finished mac and cheese

Nowadays, my Mac and Cheese is more of a feast in itself on account of the four cheeses (yes four !!) used.

My recipe can be broken down into four steps:

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Sam’s Chop House Leeds

What’s a chop House ?

Being invited to visit Sam’s Chop House by Leeds List I wanted to do a bit of research on the origins of this great British institution.

Chop house

A traditional British chop house uses on the bone cuts to create British dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients used.

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Trinity Kitchen

When I was about seven the Food Hall at the Pavilions in Birmingham opened. I remember how exciting the prospect of eating food from around the world was, I loved my Lemon Chicken Stir Fry (with chips) and warm Crepes with cream for dessert.

Now, over two decade later the humble food court has been in dire need of a makeover, the last Food Hall I went to was a sea of uncomfortable plastic chairs and a very poor food offering.

Trinity Kitchen promises something a bit different so I went for a sneaky peak to see what me (and my inner seven year old) thought of the place.


Trinity Kitchen aims to be a ‘unique mix of vibrant restaurants and street food vans’, yes street food indoors! Every month a selection of five vans are lifted into the hall to join the seven permanent restaurants.

This month’s visitors, every veggies favorite, Leeds based Manjit’s Kitchen, Katie and Kim; Winners of the British Street Food Awards 2013, The Marvellous Tea Dance Company (also Leeds based), Italian Street Food from Gurmetti and Big Apple Hot Dog selling, well that one is pretty obvious.

All the food served at Manjit’s Kitchen is vegetarian, as a great lover of meat, I am forever amazed at not only how great the food is but, the fact that I don’t miss the meat at all.

My Chili Panner wrap had just the right level of spice and a little bit of sweetness from the Tamarind sauce.

Chili Paneer Wrap, ready to eat.

Chili Paneer Wrap, ready to eat.

Katie and Kim offer up classic home cooked food cooked well. I grabbed a custard tart which is my all time favourite dessert, it was still warm, creamy and delicious.

Kate and Kim are the 2013 winners of the British Street Food awards. Here is a pic of their gorgeous custard tarts and Tablet (in the bags). delicious !

Kate and Kim are the 2013 winners of the British Street Food awards. Here is a pic of their gorgeous custard tarts and Tablet (in the bags). delicious !

Still on the sweets, the brownies at the Marvellous Tea Company are definitely something you should try served in a tea cup, what more could you ask for.

The seven permanent restaurants are all new to Leeds. From Vietnamese Street Food to BBQ Ribs, there is a wide selection on offer for visitors.

If you just fancy a drink there’s a Champagne bar and if bubbles are not your tipple, Notes, a bar come restaurant is serving up a selection of Local beers, wine and coffee.

I will be doing a couple of follow up pieces over the next couple of month for sure. Until then, have a look at the photos below or get down there when Trinity Kitchen opens on the 17th October at 11am to the general public.