Birthday Eating with Mr RNF

As my other half works for himself he never seems to take days off. This year, he decided (for once) to take the day off for his birthday there were, however some conditions on my part.

I was not allowed to talk about the following:

Weddings (in general);

Things pertaining to our wedding to-do list (specifically items outstanding and/or overdue);

Anything to do with the sickening amount of chocolate he consumed over Easter.

With these conditions agreed to, the day was started off at Timoney’s cafe in Oakwood for breakfast. We absolutely adore this cafe as it is so friendly and the service is fantastic.

I had the freshly made fruit bread of the day (which was Cranberry and Raisin) served warm with butter.

Steve went for the Breakfast Bap with sausage and egg, the yolk was gloriously yellow and tasted as good as it looked (I was told). This was washed down with a soya Latte and orange juice.


The plan was to have a picnic at Roundhay Park but, with the weather being so unpredictable we ended up round at Steve’s parents for coffee, cakes and presents.

Our birthday tradition is to take each other out for a birthday dinner. This always works out well for me but, not so for Steve as he ends up having to take me to some pretty expensive restaurants (He’s still going on about going to Gaucho even though we went two years ago). Steve chose Fazenda, I wrote a review a while ago when the restaurant first opened and Steve has wanted to go back ever since. The service was just as good as it was then.

Instead of the usual bottle of Malbec we asked our waiter Mel, for an alternative she suggested we try the Alisios, a Tempranillo from Brazil. It had a light, mild and fruity taste without the headiness of a Malbec, we also had birthday Caipirinhas. Although we tried (again) we were defeated by the meat and could not make it to dessert.

Asking for recommendations for a nightcap we were told by Mel to go to Vineatly so off we went and sampled some (Some would say too many) of their cocktails. My favorite would have to be the Med Mojito (On the right of the photo below), you get a spoon to eat the elderflower foam.

Vineatly has been open for around six weeks and also serves food. We had a quick look at the menu and is somewhere that is now definitely on our list to visit soon.

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