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Birmingham is my hometown and where I first found my love of food. I have fond memories of walking around Bull Ring Market with my Nanny Gertrude and my brother. The route we would take was a meticulous journey that would take us to her most trusted traders. There, she would always be greeted with a warm smile and I bit of banter and the best cuts.

The other thing that I have to thank brum for is my love of food from across the globe from the Balti triangle to Chinatown there was always somewhere to go that would excite my palate.

From my foodie visit back to my hometown the other day I am glad to say that this is still the case.

I was invited to Future Foodies, an event that aimed to showcase the best food and suppliers Birmingham has on offer.


The event was held at Hotel La Tour, a four star hotel set in the heart of Birmingham. The Lobby was amazing, from the glass exterior to the well-polished and modern features. The food the Hotel served up was first class as well, I could not get enough of the desserts created by Aalto, the hotel’s restaurant.


Whilst I am on the subject of desserts I have to give a mention to Cupkakery, who would have thought that a Pineapple and Chili cupcake would work, trust me it does !

Check out Yvonne’s site for other flavour combinations:


Miss Macaroon

Not only were the Macaroons beautiful to look at but they come with a strong message of empowerment for marginalised young people in Birmingham: demonstrating that Macaroons can make a difference.

As a Social Enterprise, Miss Macaroon offers support to young care leavers not in employment, education or training, offenders and ex-offenders in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

The four week pastry training course teaches the students the basic skills and experience of working in a kitchen then aims to provide further support through voluntary work experience, industrial placements and paid employment.

For more information on Miss Macaroon visit the site:


Ubuntu Handmade Bread

I could smell the aroma of bread from a mile away so when I was confronted with a table of the stuff I did not know where to start. Luckily Albert, the owner of Ubuntu was on hand to guide me.


What I loved about Ubuntu Handmade Bread is that the ingredients are locally sourced, the flour comes from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire, while the free-range eggs, from Birmingham’s very own Outdoor Market.
Albert is so charismatic and passionate about bread baking you can read his journey into micro bakery here:

If you live in Birmingham and the surrounding areas you can order bread from Ubuntu here:

Le Truc

I do love a good French restaurant so was eager to get a sample from Le Truc, their Steak Tartare was well seasoned and tasted great, washed down with a heady Death in the Afternoon cocktail, Le Truc is definitely on the list to try when I am next in Brum.

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  • Yvonne donald

    Great post, big up brum food and thanks for the mention

    • Rebecca

      Your welcome, great flavour combinations 🙂