Baking outside the box

I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, very happy to try my hand at anything. When I was younger I used to really enjoy a good baking challenge.

My Mum loves to remind me of the time I made her all butter croissants from scratch for Mother’s day and when I made her, her favorite dessert, Black forrest gâteaux as a surprise.

The thing is over the last couple of years I have felt that I have not really challenged myself to do something different baking wise. Last week I was a post about World Baking Day, so I visited the site to see what it was all about.

There were over 100 different cake recipes, from  very basic muffins at level one to complex cream puff masterpieces at level 100.

The motto on the site was ‘bake brave’ so I decided to go for level 99, Crunchy strawberry chocolate cake with striped biscuit and icing.

The cake is made up for several sections:

The base

This is a gâteaux like mix which is then sliced in two. This creates the top and bottom of the cake.

I have never been one to follow directions to a tee, but I realised for this part of the recipe (well for this part) it paid not to deviate too much.

The biscuit

This is wrapped around the cake, and gives the cake the striped effect. I added some vanilla to the mix as I felt the biscuit needed it. I also decided to do diagonal stripes instead of straight ones (what can I say it’s the rebel in me).

stripy biscuit


I was very happy with how the biscuit base turned out, it was really easy to manipulate into the tin.

The chocolate crunch

This layer of melted chocolate is added to the inside of the base and biscuit to create a watertight barrier to add your filling to.

The jelly

I made a passion fruit jelly using a mix of concentrated passion fruit, gelatin and a bit of lemon juice. The chocolate dipped strawberries were then added on top of this layer and placed in the fridge to set.

Cream filling and final touches

I decided to just use a basic chantilly cream. On the top of the cake I made the icing and decorated with physalis fruit and fresh strawberries.

The end result was this:

finished cake

I would have never decided to push my baking skills this much if it was not for this event and I am glad I did. So, I am sure are the recipients of the cake.

Even though World baking day has come and gone, I urge everyone to bake brave once in a while and post your results on the Really Nice Food facebook page:

Check out all 100 world baking day recipes here:

Crunchy strawberry chocolate cake with striped biscuit and icing original recipe:

cut cake

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  • LUSH! that was my first word after trying this. Not had anything like it before, Chocolate, biscuit, cake and cream, oh and fruit. Not usually a fan of fruit in cake, but this worked! especially the passion fruit jelly. I will eat this again, thanks.

    • Rebecca

      Thanks Alex !